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Welcome to

Canguro Care
Learning Center

Building bright futures. 



Infants up to 12 months. 

Our infant care is focused on attention and comfort.  We work with parents to determine individual goals, establish an individualized routine and a sense of security and love.   It is all about building relationships so children feel safe and secure to learn.  


Toddlers 13 to 24 months.

Our little explorers are starting to move and learn about themselves. 

We work with parents to reinforce their confidence so they feel ready to learn.   This age is so much fun because children begin to discover their individuality and choices.


Ages 25 to 36 months

Its all about me! 

Our care is focused on providing safety and developing independence.  Letting children know that we are there for them, but they can do it themselves! This gives them the confidence to explore the world around them and builds self esteem.  We want children to celebrate every accomplishment and know we are right there when they need us.    


Children 37-48 months

Our focus is on self-esteem, fostering independence and curiosity by helping children identify emotions, understand empathy and encouraging discovery.  With a more structured schedule, we offer new and exciting curriculum that engages and develops a love of learning.   Setting children up for success in Kindergarten. 

Our Approach

Canguro Care Learning Center offers play based learning in a bilingual setting focusing on children's unique individual needs.  We help children build strong foundations for resilient futures by providing solid platforms of love and care. 

Play Based Learning 

Children naturally learn and discover through play.  Learning through play initiates life long curiosity and intrinsic motivation in children.  Play is the first resource for developing skills and learning.  

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