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Diverse Learning Environments


Our infant program is all about building trust and secure attachments.  We want infants to feel safe and secure so that they have the confidence to investigate the world around them for healthy growth and development.  

Its important to also build relationships with parents to share information so that together we can set individual goals based on the needs of each child.  



Toddlers are increasingly mobile and curious.  We foster curiosity by listening to children and following their lead.  We strive to create environments that allow children to access and discover things on their own. 

We emphasize trying new things and not giving up.  This builds self esteem by focusing on the opportunities that repeated practice offers.   


As children move into the 2-3 year old group we start to introduce structured activities like circle time.  This provides an opportunity for practicing social skills and beginning to prepare for Kindergarten. 

We also continue help children identify their feelings and those of others, developing empathy and social skills.  This helps create resiliency and grows emotional intelligence.  


Our 4-5-year-old classroom is still grounded in individual goals, self-discovery, and choice.  We offer children more structured choices and focus on building self-esteem to prepare for kindergarten. 

We build self-esteem by strengthening self-help skills.  We provide children with environments where they have the opportunity to observe, process and think, guess, try, try again, and evaluate (maybe even try again! ) 

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