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About Us

Bilingual Learning.  Loving Care.


Every child is different and so are their needs.  We partner with parents to provide seamless care so that children feel at home.   Our focus is on developing children's sense of security and safety to create a strong foundation for development, resiliency and learning.  Our goal is to provide a loving space for children to have fun, embrace childhood and be a part of a community.


We believe it is in children's nature to grow and learn. It is important that children build strong social emotional skills.  To be exposed to emotions, beginning to understand theirs and those of others.  We offer thoughtful learning based in play, focusing on emotions and using positive modeling.   

In learning empathy children develop self awareness and appreciation of others.  When children better understand their feelings they can begin to develop coping skills that provides resiliency and confidence. By developing social and emotional awareness we prepare children for a successful future, where they have a greater sense of self esteem and curiosity. 

It is important that we allow children to be children.  To play, and to discover that curiosity, play, fun and learning are all connected, they all lead to growth and development.  Learning is natural, an intrinsic part of development.  Providing opportunities for choice and autonomy in early childhood builds trust, motivation and self-esteem. 

Our bilingual center immerses children in a second language which enhances brain development and fosters an appreciation of culture.   Children's brains are an amazing muscle and learning power is strongest from birth to 5 years old.  Research shows that exposing them to different languages as early as possible exercises the brain increasing language development across all languages.  


Building bright futures.  Focusing on building strong foundations for growth and development.  Foundations framed in emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and empathy.  Appreciating and encouraging individuality and taking responsibility for the impact all our choices and actions have on ourselves, the community, and the future.  Facing challenges directly with humility and openness, taking the time to break things down to identify measurable and attainable action.  Development and learning focusing on individual strengths.  

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