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We unfortunately do not have any immediate openings.


Our waitlist is used for families wanting to enroll in a spot opening up in the future.  This might be for expectant parents or families waiting for a spot to become available.

Families on the waitlist are guaranteed the spot they hold, and have the opportunity to start earlier should a spot become available sooner. 

To join the waitlist we need our enrollment form and the first week's tuition.  The first week's tuition is held as a non-refundable deposit.  On the Friday before your students first day the deposit is applied to cover the first week's tuition.  

Please contact us for more details on joining our waitlist.  


It is hard to choose a childcare provider.  There are a lot of options and differences among centers.  Please reach out to discuss our program and help you determine if Canguro Care is the right choice for your family.    


  • What ages does Canguro Care Learning Center serve?
    We provide care for infants 4 weeks to 60 months. Our programs learning goals are individual and based on your child's age, individual needs and level, with a focus on culture and social emotional development. Schedule a tour today to talk more in detail about programs.
  • What are classroom capacities?
    8 infants in Oso Room, Infants: 4 weeks to 12 months. (2 teachers) 8 children in Panda Room, Toddlers: 13 months to 23 months. (2 teachers) 12 children in Tigre Room, Tumblers: 24 months to 47 months. (2 teachers) 10 children in Zorro Room, Preschool: 48 months to 72 months. (1 teachers)
  • What is the child to teacher ratio?
    Licensing Teacher to Child Ratios Canguro Care Learning Center Teacher to Child Ratios* * Canguro Care Learning Center schedules and always tries to maintain our ratios listed. However, situations may arise requiring temporary changes, in those situations we will always follow minimum teacher to child ratios outlined by DCF and maximum group sizes. Mixed Age Groups In the early morning (usually before 8am) and in the evenings (after 4pm) as children arrive to school and go home classrooms teachers close classrooms and children are in mixed age groups. When this happens the form below is used to determine teacher to child ratios.
  • Are all teachers bilingual?
    When hiring our priority is hiring qualified, caring teachers- we look for the best. Currently, we have 1 teacher who is not bilingual. All other teachers are bilingual. Canguro Care Learning Center strives to be a 100% immersive program. Meaning while children are at Canguro Care Learning Center they only hear Spanish. Children in our infant and 12 month old rooms are 100% immersed and only hear Spanish. With children flexibility is important. While Spanish language is a key component to our program and helps the development of children, children come first. If a child is having a hard time, or needs a slower transition to Spanish, teachers will comfort and talk to children in English. Also, as children enter our 4/5 year old room, preschool, we do also include use some English as it pertains to preparation for Kindergarten.
  • What is Montessori?
    Using scientific observations, Dr. Maria Montessori developed a teaching method that focuses and respects children’s innate desire and ability to learn. Dr. Montessori's scientific observations found consistent, naturally developing tendencies and characteristics for learning in children. The Montessori method uses prepared environments to encourage and support the realization of children's full potential. All teaching methods help children learn and develop. The Montessori method is different because it views children’s minds like sponges. Built to absorb everything around it, always learning and developing. Montessori education focuses on fostering that sense of discovery and curiosity and turning it into lifelong learning. Principles Play Free Choice Order Learning from peers Movement Context Teacher guidance Interest At Canguro Care Learning Center we are not planning to become a certified Montessori School. Our school follows all the Montessori principles, however, we also believe in flexibility. We feel that we are still learning so much about child development and that all children have different needs. Therefore, if we find an activity that we feel will help children in our program we will use it. Montessori vs. Mainstream For more information: AMI Montessori website
  • What is the waitlist?
    Our waitlist is for vacancies available in the future. Space is limited. Licensing has limits on classroom capacities and teacher to child ratios. Capacities are based on age, so providing your child's birthdate is important and allows us to calculate the soonest availability. Different reasons families might choose to join the waitlist: There currently aren't any available spots but have determined Canguro Care Learning Center is a good fit for your family and want to secure the soonest available spot. Families who are expecting babies, might choose to join the waitlist to ensure an available spot. With planning for expectant families, since due dates are approximate, we are able to offer more flexibility when parents join the waitlist. You don't need care now, but are planning on needing it at some point in the future (Moving to the area in the future, new job, etc.) How to join the waitlist: To join the waitlist, we ask families to take a tour, submit our Enrollment Form and make a deposit in the amount of the first week's tuition. Once those are complete a specific future spot is held for your family. Also, should a spot become available families on the waitlist are notified first. The first week's payment is held as a non-refundable deposit, on the Friday before their first day of school the deposit is applied as the first week's payment. At Canguro Care we don't have enrollment or registration fees. We only charge the weekly tuition and fees for field trips as necessary.
  • What are your hours?
    Canguro Care Learning Centers hours are Monday - Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. 45 hours a weekl is included with weekly tuition. We offer flexible scheduling to meet the needs of your family. Canguro Care Learning Center does not follow public school district closure calendars. The school is closed for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
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