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Fun & Creativity


Art allows for creative expression, practicing fine motor skills, and sensory experiences.  

Art centers provide different sensory and discovery experiences. In art and creative expression, there is never a right or a wrong way.  

We teach children that art can be used as an outlet for sharing and communicating ideas and feelings.  


Music and art are very similar in offering sensory and creative experiences.  

We use music and art across all learning and development.  From our hand washing song to our song about loving ourselves.  

Music also promotes body movement and we use it as a tool to help with regulating our body and mind. 


Movement and physical activity is important for helping children grow healthy and strong.  

Our center is designed with large open spaces and indoor and outdoor equipment that allows children to practice and develop gross motor skills. 

Canguro Care Learning Center also uses movement, specifically yoga and stretching as a part of nap time routines.  


The early introduction to languages enhances thinking and language skill development.  Exposing children to multiple languages promotes brain development and a greater understanding of self and others.  In our preschool classroom teachers do speak both English and Spanish to help children prepare for Kindergarten. 

Outside Play

Children will play outside every day as long as weather permits.  When the weather is nice, we will move learning activities outdoors.  Outside play provides sensory experiences, play, and development experiences.   Outside children are encouraged to move, ask questions, guess outcomes, and try, try, try.   Our outdoor space is fenced in so all children are safe.  We have multiple mud kitchens, sandboxes, play structures, dramatic play, and much more!  

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